By Adaeze  Abaeme

Ankara has been part of the rich culture of the African people. A timeless  evolution of beauty. A pride of Africa. Ranging from various prints, colours and shades. Just as every other fashion item, evolves with time and season, new designs, prints, shades, and look of the Ankara prints are released by textile manufacturers across the continent.

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Hey there! have you noticed the latest Ankara prints which are on trend now??? They come with a mixing of various Ankara prints put together in one piece . It can simply be called  the “ANKARA COMBO PRINTS “It comes in varieties of lovely colours and carries the looks of several known Ankara prints all in one.

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Every fashion lover certainly has to look out for this gorgeous and creative Ankara prints combo. Its classy, fun, beautiful and very attractive. It can be used to make trendy dresses, kimono, wrap dress,casual tops, office wears like suits, blazer, skirt, Its definitely a must have in your wardrobes.

As a bride to be, you can go for this new combo prints as your asoebi to create a beautiful atmosphere on your big day. Its definitely going to be lit on your guests.

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This concepts is a real deal of breakthrough for most fashion apparel makers. Back In the days past, tailors would have to cut different Ankara  prints into several pieces and then begin to sew all this pieces of various Ankara prints together in order to achieve the combo looks. This procedure is time and energy consuming but the result was amazing.

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The ANKARA COMBO PRINTS is an #ankaratodiefor, a beauty to behold, and it comes in various combo sets of different Ankara prints. And can be purchased in every major fabric. As a fashion brand owner, the combo ankara can be used to create lovely ready to wear collections as well.

So, ladies, fashionistas, fashion designers,… Make a trip to your fabric vendor and get your hands on the new ANKARA COMBO PRINTS…and let it inspire your next bespoke wears.. .. Its just to good to miss…


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