Why Should I bother about where we say ‘I do’?

Everything about the wedding screams importance and perfection and making sure there are no loose ends at the wedding can seem a nearly impossible fit. Notwithstanding, you both have to make those decisions so you have no regrets. One decision you would do well to pay extra attention to is the choice of your wedding venue. Why should I bother about where we say I do you ask right?

For starters, the wedding venue sets the stage for the wedding program, the sitting arrangement, guests, security, entertainment and food matters, more importantly, the wedding venue is one key criterion in achieving your wedding day desires and creating memories that remain for years to come. There are two sides to the wedding venue selection: the personal taste and aspirations of the couple and the comfort of the wedding guests. You sure as hell do not want your favourite aunt to have to park her car four streets away from the venue because the reception hall doesn’t have adequate parking space.

When checking out potential wedding venues, consider the following:

  • What ambience do we want to create during our wedding?
  • Would this venue help create beautiful memories of our wedding day?
  • What services come with the venue? Parking space, proper air conditioning and ventilation, security, power supply, etc.
  • How many guests are we expecting?
  • What does the caterer, photographer, decorator, etc. think?
  • Can the venue accommodate all the drama and ‘sereren’ we want during our wedding?
  • How much is it costing us?

Finally, while you may be determined to get the grandest reception hall in the choicest part of the city, an efficient, beautiful family hall can as well be recreated to look like heaven on earth.


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