The Bride and her Wedding Day: What’s on her Mind?

Hurray, the wedding is finally here!

I’m super excited about it, I cannot wait to talk to the decorator, the dress designer, my make-up artist, the wedding planner… food, guest, where my family would stay, the traditional wedding, travel details, the reception, our honeymoon, the groom’s outfit, my bridesmaids, on and on and on.

The list is almost endless; little wonder many would advise that the bride-to-be is not involved with all of the wedding plans, it could get really hectic and in the midst of all the planning, she could get exhausted, fall sick, get overly worried or freak out on her wedding day. What exactly runs through the mind of the bride about her wedding and why the desperate need for perfection?

Fantasizing About the Wedding Was Much Easier
Most brides may be reluctant to accept it but every girl has a very detailed picture of how she wants her wedding to look like even before he proposed or she even met him, over the years, they plan and modify their ideas but nothing prepares the bride for the actual wedding planning. The truth remains that no measure of levelheadedness is enough to reduce the anxiety or the overwhelming nature of weddings.

In fact, immediately after the wedding date is fixed, everything becomes real and pre-wedding months tend to be exciting, overwhelming and scary. You must understand that she experiences a huge number of emotions as the reality of the big day dawns; she strives to create the picture she has had in her head for years as against the stark realities that face her.

How do Cope in this Huge Dress?
The wedding dress is a lot to handle; first, there is the problem of finding the perfect gown, fitting into the gown, complimenting accessories, shoes, hair, make-up and finally- moving around during the wedding in the ‘big dress’, what if I have to pee during the wedding?


What Changes for me as a Married Woman?
The wedding day is just the first step towards an entirely new journey; the real journey is being married.

The bride would be concerned about what exactly changes about her life once she gets married; from the simple details like what she calls her husband, what she wears on her wedding night to bigger details like raising a family.


The wedding day is important to the bride for many reasons and she would also be worried about planning details, her guests, friends and family members, the after party, and of course, the wedding night.

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