Mr. Right Ties the Knot: What’s on his Mind?

It’s a popular notion that only the bride worries about the wedding but I am pleased to inform you that this isn’t quite true. The groom is just as worried about the wedding as any bride would be and while he may not necessarily be thinking about the flower arrangements and decorations, he most definitely is concerned about tying the knot. Today, we take a journey into the mind of Mr. Right as he ties the knot with the one woman who means the world to him.
How Do I Look?

Dear bride, your husband to be is probably more worried about how he looks than you would imagine possible.

While many people would assume that the groom pays little or no attention to how he looks on the big day, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Mr. Right wants to look perfect for the big day so he would be concern about, his tuxedos, shoes, belts, hair, socks, traditional wear, etc. As the bride, it would help to pay attention to his needs in this area and probably help him pick out what would work just right for him.


How Does She Look?
Yup, you guessed right, he most definitely worries about how his bride looks too; he wants your hair to be perfect, your dress, the makeup, the shoes and everything else in between.

The Guest List
Mr. Right is also thinking about the guest; friends and family members. He wants to make sure all his old friends are seated in good positions and his family is well taken care of during the wedding ceremony. Of course, at this point, the thought of how much has been invested in planning the entire wedding would probably flash through his mind.

The After Party
He wants to celebrate tying the knot with his bride properly and would worry about how the after party or in some cases the reception goes. He is super excited about this big day and would love to celebrate this big bold step properly. This is one part of the ceremony you should involve him in the planning.

Our Honeymoon has to be Lit!
Yes, this is one big area of interest, both the bride and groom want the first night to be picture perfect, the groom does not want to ruin things and he hopes his bride is really impressed, so he is probably thinking
Oh God, please make the first night beautiful and the entire honeymoon too

Truthfully, he is just as anxious about the entire wedding as the bride is and he really wants to create a perfect life with you, more importantly, he is concern about being the best husband (and of course father to your children).

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