Shoe Shopping Tips for Every Bride

Bridal shopping goes way beyond shopping for the wedding dress itself, there are a few other things that complete the shopping experience for a bride. Shopping for the accessories, and very importantly the shoes is another shopping area. Just like the wedding dress, a lot of fantasizing and a handful of imaginations would surround the kind of shoe(s) the bride hopes to wear for her wedding day. Finding the balance between comfort and preferred style no doubt is always the best way to handle buying this particular accessory and we list a few helpful tips that would help make the process more productive.

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Consider the Wedding Venue: We bet you didn’t think about this, whatever shoe you buy for your special day is going to be worn on your special day at the special VENUE(S) you select for the wedding and the reception. If your wedding is going to take place in the church and the reception in a park or hall or any other likely location, the wedding venue and its walking terrain would determine the heel type, size and height, as well as the kind of material the shoe would be made out of.

Comfort over Everything Else: What is the point of a fancy wedding shoe that cannot be worn on the wedding day? It is always safe to place comfort over every other factor that influences the choice of your wedding shoe(s). The type of heel, the heel height and the amount of experience you have wearing that sort of heel are a few parameters for shoe selection.

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Buy More than One Wedding Shoe (Preferably Flats): Shoes can be very tricky, one day you wear it and it seems absolutely comfortably, the next day you wear it and you get sores and blisters. Save yourself any shoe drama and buy an extra wedding flat shoe. Remember that the wedding day would involve a lot of dancing and moving around to greet guests.

Buy Your wedding Shoe After the Wedding Dress: You would want to know exactly how your wedding shoe looks with the dress, you could decide to shop in the same place if possible so you try on the dress and shoes or take along a picture of the wedding dress at least.

Your style and taste really matters in the end, so feel free to express yourself with your wedding shoe as much as possible, who says your wedding shoe has to be white or boring anyway?


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