Planning Your Big Day without Breaking the Bank- Episode One

I think it would be unnecessary to mention that weddings are no doubt one of the most cost-intensive ceremonies, you’d be surprised to know that people go broke planning the ‘big day’, take huge loans and incur debts they spend the first few months (if not years) of the marriage paying back.

It’s my wedding day and everything has to be extraordinary and memorable…How can I possibly forget Bode’s proposal, it was out of the world, magical, I mean, finally, the man of my dreams was taking the bold step, picture-perfect, so much love… We had been dating for two years and he proposed during a summer get-away.

I nearly died of anxiety, I couldn’t possibly imagine my life without Nkiru, I had to make sure everything was perfect and when she finally did say yes, my heart leapt in ways I never imagined possible.

Finally, we are getting married!!! I think we walked on the moon for days following the proposal, then it was time to begin planning the wedding without wrecking the future we’ve bearing even begun living.

And then we woke up.

Yes please, wake up!
Marriage is beautiful and the wedding should mirror the heart desires of the couple, having to plan your wedding and to keep it economical and frugal should in no way knock-off the shine or sparkle. Keep calm bride and groom, we’ve got you covered as we take you through a series of factors that you should consider in planning the big day in a big way without breaking the bank.

Budget, Budget, and then Budget some more
Perfects weddings are synonymous with a finely executed budget. Contrary to popular opinion, the budget isn’t designed to cram your wedding. In the words of a wise man, the budget is your best friend. The average Nigerian wedding could require up to five million naira to plan; from wedding rings to the bride and groom attires, invitation and souvenir expenses, venue, decorations to food and drinks, etc. Getting into the wedding planning process without the shield of a budget does more harm than good, create a priority list of necessities and estimate how much you wish to spend in total. Make sure your budget takes into consideration current financial capacity and long-term financial goals.


There are a handful of ways to plan your dream wedding without spending more than necessary and the budget is only the first step, watch out as we bring you more efficient ways of planning the big day in a big way without breaking the bank.


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