Planning Your Big Day without Breaking the Bank- Episode Two

Working with a wedding budget always goes a long way to curb against unnecessary spending and helps create a structure based on the desires of the couple and every other party involved in the decision making process, it remains the best place to begin planning, but then, what good is a wedding budget without a guest list?

Of course a guest list, in the Nigerian setting, more often than not, the wedding planning always rushes through this particular detail, sometimes, it is completely ignored and in the very end creates the biggest problems financially. Imagine a wedding budget that is created around 150 guests and 300 guests turn up at the wedding reception, total disaster and the perfect recipe for heartache, stress and dissatisfaction on the wedding day.

We all know that Nigerian families are rather big and the mothers, aunties and mother-in-laws would no doubt have an exclusive list of people they have to have at the weddings, the fathers and distant relations aren’t left out too, if you have a big family as I do and one that loves to be a part of any kind of celebration that is happening to even the youngest person in the family, then you are bound to have a rather overwhelming list of prospective wedding guests.

Remember that it is very important to keep the wedding cost proportional to your financial capacity (once you’ve considered your financial standing, proceed to set a limit to the number of people you can afford to have at your wedding). Create a list of potential wedding guests in hierarchical order with the most important people at the top (it always helps to consider this list realistically and void of bias and emotions).
My personal list would most likely look like this
Siblings and spouses
Best Friend
Five Aunts,

Neighbors from the family house we lived in ten years ago.

The next step is to allot your parents, siblings, close family members, etc. a maximum number of extra guests they are allowed to invite to the wedding and inform them ahead of time to make sure they know it is not a ‘gbogbo ero’ wedding. The wedding day is just one day, yes a few people might get angry at you that they didn’t get invited to your wedding but you would save your marriage the stress that comes with paying off wedding debts.

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