Planning Your Big Day without Breaking the Bank (Episode Three)

We all dream of a wedding day with clear blue skies on a bright and sunny day (preferably no rain so it doesn’t mess up the entire plan), constant electricity, enough food, well-behaved guests, vendors that do not cause any delays, in short, a perfect wedding day. However, not everyone gets everything to work in their favor (thanks to nature and human beings as well). With these uncertainties come extra expenses that we can do without especially if you are trying to stick to a budget.

Wedding planners worldwide always recommend that there be an alternative plan. If general life events can be unpredictable and require us to plan ahead, then we could also apply the same principles to planning the wedding day. The truth remains that despite the high level of planning that goes into making the wedding day a success, there always seems to be something that just doesn’t go with the plan; the food vendor that comes late, the driver who doesn’t show up, the make-up artist who gets stuck in traffic. The best trick that works is to have a backup plan for everything you could ever imagine. If you are thinking something might go wrong, then plan for it.

This is one area of the wedding planning that can maximize the benefits of having multiple people involved in the planning, get friends and family members who have experience with planning weddings to pitch in ideas on what possible areas could cause problems, create possible solutions for such problems and delegate responsibilities to specific people. More importantly, make saving money a priority and be creative about the plans that you put in place.

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