Hi guys, Welcome to Ms.Asoebi Solutions. So I have been running my account for the last 6 years and I've acquired good and valuable knowledge about how Instagram works in terms of engagements, what to post when to post it amongst other things. I find that a lot of people have great content but are not getting the engagement they deserve. Thankfully I know how to help out. So I have come up with a content calendar to help ease the stress of what to post, when and how.



So what are the benefits of this content planner ?
• You will spend less time spent deciding on what to post
• It will make your page engaging
• Brand awareness (people get to see more of what your brand is about)
• Giving potential customers more confidence in your brand

Recently people have commended me for always keeping my page entertaining especially my instastories and one person even said, how do you still have content in this covid-19 times that people are not going out.Simple, the answer is, I use my content calender.


Content Calendar

A social media Content Calender is an easy way to make your page interesting, increase engagement and ultimately improve sales.

what you need is a system, a simple, well thought out and properly planned system that works well for your niche.



Some Questions you might have:

•What does the Content Calender look like?

•What format does it come in?
It comes in a PDF format.

• How much does it cost?

•How do i pay?
Just click on the button below –
After payment you would receive your content calendar

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